During my exchange in Canada, I was able to visit Tronto and that made me feel sure about my dream after I graduate high school.
When I visited Tronto to see my family, I felt like I belonged there and that I should spend my rest of my life in Tronto. That made my feeling about wanting to go to a Canadian university very strong. To make that come true, I started studying for the IELTS test. There I was taught that using academic vocabulary is very important to get a high score. From now on, I will keep this in mind and will try harder to learn more academic vocabulary so that I can do well on the IELTS test.
One more thing that I was really amazed by is how everyone had a specific goal for their future. People were not just studying English. They were doing it so that they can have a better chance to make their dreams come true. I was very encouraged by this and realized that your dream can be the best motivation you can get. I hope something will encourage and motivate you to make your dreams come true.
Thank you for listening, and Merry Christmas.(コール美月さん)

I went to Canada for the first time and studied there for a month. This experience was very impressive for me. For example, Class style and how to spend holidays.
The school had people of different nationalities.
For example, There were Koreans, Mexicans, Taiwanese, Chinese, Brazilians, Swiss and Americans. Everyone was very friendly and spoke casually regardless of nationality.
The second most impressive thing was that it used minimal power. There was also a lever next to the switch to adjust the brightness.
I want to use what I learned in this study abroad in my study. I keep studying English hard.(大瀧司君)

I got a lot of confidence by study abroad.
As one example I’m not good at speaking English before study abroad, but I had to speak in front of many people.
Thereby I got confidence and became outgoing.(熊田孝行君)

This experience was very good for me. I lived in different environment and learned a lot. And I have met many people. I have grown up with experiences that I can’t do in Japan.(市島徹君)